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I am trying to cut plywood with the Snapmaker 350 1600 laser, I’m using Lightburn to generate the GCode. I have not imaged my SM with the modified OS that is on the Lightburn site.

I have the design created, I transfer the GCode via WiFi to Luban and then send it to the machine.

I set the origin and then tell the SM to run a boundary and it does. When I hit start the laser almost immediately starts drawing portions of my design out of the boundary off the wood and in the black grates. What gives?

Next the focal height of the SM laser is roughly about 22mm I believe, when it starts doing it’s thing with the Lightburn GCode it’s much lower and I don’t know why. I have tried adding the material thickness to the focal height on the Lightburn side panel and it still starts wayyy low.

If I run this design in Luban it seems to respect its own settings. However Luban is way less functional than Lightburn.

Any help would be appreciated.

Can you attach your .lbrn or .gcode file for review? The .gcode you will need to change the file format to .txt or similar in order to put on the forum.

See Attached

finley-post.txt (296.7 KB)
finley-post.lbrn2 (37.7 KB)

If I plot your .gcode file in a NC viewer I see this:

The white line being a move from X0Y0 out, run the job, return to X0Y0, then Z+ and move to present the finished work.

This is the entire toolpath.

(I’m using Notepad++ with the NCNetic plugin if anyone is wondering)

So - could you explain what you mean by ‘tell the SM to run a boundary’? I think SM is just the laser head?

It would be very useful to know the code that the Snapmaker is running before getting into LightBurn’s code. Perhaps you have Start Gcode configured in ‘Edit > Device Settings’ that could be an issue?

How did you get Notepad++ to install this plugin? The NCnetic does not create a DLL, it only has an MSI and EXE to workwith.

‘Plugins > Plugin Admin > Search’

No joy. Will start over with the NCnetics download.

Make a folder named as such here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\plugins\NCneticNpp

Then add the DLL to the NCneticNpp folder

I guess first things first, there is a thread on here about the “setup” for using LB with the SM that has header and footer GCode so that it works. So I did that. I’ll try and see if I can find the link.

As for the SM, I don’t use LB to control the machine I transfer the GCode to their software (Luban, which is anwful) and then send it to the machine that way. When I load the material and put the laser at the origin, I hit the set Origin button on the machine so it knows where I want the origin. Then the “run boundary” button should run a square which starts and finishes at the origin in which all the elements are contained.

I can see by your text depiction that the aircraft stick out of the white box which I put there to define the workspace (no output) which confuses me even more I guess because in LB all the elements are in that box.

Sorry the link wasn’t on here it was on ghe SM Forum

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We have a new Snapmaker Artisan incoming to expand support for Snapmaker devices, as a fyi

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