Lightburn software beeping, laser is running outside of user origin settings

I have been running my laguna laser for years now and have ran the same exact file thousands of times. All of a sudden lightburn starts beeping on my computer but shows nothing wrong and after a couple mins the engraver starts going outside of my user origin settings. It goes so far as the x axis motor starts skipping gears as its trying to go to far left. Like i said i have ran this same exact file for years now and same settings. nothing has changed on lightburn. I will attach photos of it going out of bounds. The edge of the wood is my user origin start point.

I have a laguna laser running ruida 644XS. I updated lightburn software but still did not fix issue. I tried a new usb cord and still did not work. thanks for your help

I don’t think Lightburn can force the controller outside of it’s defined work area.

How do you know “who’s beeping” if there is no error displayed. Or is the console of the machine?

I don’t see any issues with the data, the display on the console looks a little odd.

I don’t say this lightly, but it sounds like a hardware problem. Have you give it an ‘eyeball’ to ensure all’s plugged in and connectors secure…?


Can you show us a screen-capture of the Preview window in LightBurn so we can understand what the finished work is intended to look like?

Ethernet is highly recommended for Ruida. Is the new cable short, shielded and does it have ferrite beads for noise suppression?

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