LightBurn Software - GCode License Key

LightBurn Software - GCode License Key

Regular price$60.00

lisansı satın almak istiyorum kredi kartına taksit oluyor mu? kaç taksit olur ?

I want to buy the license, is there an installment on my credit card? How many installments?

One Payment of $60 USD through your Shopify account.

The License allows you to use the current version of LightBurn indefinitely. The License also grants the use of any updated versions of LightBurn offered through one full year. After the year is over, the last released version will continue to work for you indefinitely (forever). It’s yours!

When the year ends, you will be invited to renew for $30 USD to receive access to updated versions through the next calendar year. This is optional. Many folks enjoy this so much they have asked us to make this automatic and send an invoice annually. We don’t offer this type of automatic subscription service yet.

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