Lightburn software problem. Didn't work. Using outur lm2

Today I was trying to send a desing to the OM2, Console says It"s ready but didn’t work, didn’t do homming…
Then I restart my computer, click the lightburn icon and the program doesn’t work. Then this (picture above) appear on the screen. I bought the license on march 1. Help me please

That crash has been fixed for the next release. The problem is that you deleted, moved, or renamed the SHX font folder you set up, and LightBurn is trying to find it. When it doesn’t, it pops up that “Hey, I can’t find this” message, and doing so requires a bunch of other things to be processed, which is was causes the crash.

If you put back the folder it’s looking for, that will stop the crash from happening (until the next release is out that fixes it).

Then, go to Edit > Settings, and you can clear the SHX folder choice there.

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