Lightburn software problems

I have 2 different licensed versions of lightburn, one on my pc and one on my laptop.
The laptop is connected to my falcon 2 by usb. When I do a project on my laptop it won’t work. If I take a copy of the file and open it in llightburn on my pc the settings are totally out of wack. For example I had a cut setup at 90mm and 100% on the laptop but on my pc the same setting showed 1600mm and 100% similarly the fill showed up at 180000mm and 55%. Which explains why it did not work from my laptop but I would like to know why the variance. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It sounds like you are using different units of speed on your laptop as compared to your PC. You can adjust units in the Settings window — try setting both to mm/minute.

You can also follow our instructions here to migrate all settings from one computer to another, ensuring all settings are identical:

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You were correct. I exported my pc settings to the laptop and it worked perfectly. Thank you very much for your help.

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