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New to Lightburn and to lasers in general. My question is pretty simple. I do not know all the correct nomenclature, so bear with me. I watched a video where this guy built a template for coasters ( I think…) and he set up an entire layout and then suggests saving the template to one of the T1 or T2 locations for quick access. How do I save to this area? I have tried everything and the only thing I can get the software to do is pull in T1 or T2 as a layer. I cant get a premade template to save to one of these quick keys. Thanks in advance for advice and help.

So, I am not sure if this is the correct thing to do, but somehow after opening my saved grid that I designed, I clicked on T1 and it stayed depressed. It shows up in the job window as a tool and from there I selected “import” which allowed me to pull in a saved picture over the top of the grid I made. Is this the correct way to do this? Am I missing a step?

I’m not sure what the reference could have been to building a template but the numbered colors at the bottom of the screen correlate to a cut layer.

All shapes in your design will need to be assigned to a cut layer by picking one of those colors. Each cut layer represents a distinct operation type (line, fill, image, etc) with specific settings for power, speed, and other operation specific functions.

T1 and T2 represent special case cut layers. They are meant to be used for your internal reference as “tools” and are never sent to your laser.

These cut layers only store cut settings. They do not store any design elements (e.g. template).

More information about cut layers here:
Cuts / Layers - LightBurn Software Documentation

Ok, I must have misheard or misunderstood what the guy did in his video. Thank you for your help and the info

Is this the video you are talking about ?

Thank you. This is a pretty good explanation. I have tinkered a little today and directly with the t1/t2 tabs and have a better understanding of how they are used.

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