Lightburn software stopped working using outur lm2

HI, Everyone …new to here and laser as just bought outur master 2
been working ok but sopped suddenly today.
says waiting to connect when right click on device button on screen. then nothing happens.
been using trial version but say i have 3 days left. and stopped halfway through a picture.
tried reinstalling but no good…
guessing it the software as laser works with laser GRBL…
any help much appreciated…

Thanks. Pat

Have you selected a COM port? Is LaserGRBL still running, or anything else that might have the port locked out?

I use Lightburn in Linux, tomorrow I try the file, a question out of curiosity, why do you change plaque? Are there jobs that go better in the M2 than in the, minigerbil?

If you mean M2 Nano, then it is not supported in LightBurn

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