Lightburn startup positioning suggestion

As it is now, Lightburn sets zero at the startup of the program. Which is all well and good.

Would it be possible to also have a setting to where Lightburn knows where HOME is at the start, so the software is at the zero spot of the workspace? Mine it at the top right of the machine and currently every movement from there is a negative.
If I can start with everything as a positive position, I’d be able to use the origin positioning better.

Basically, I want to do this without having to use Gcode to create this environment.

I have this in my head as to what I want, I am not sure I am conveying it properly?

You’re using a CNC machine, which homes to the rear-right.

In LightBurn, open Edit > Device Settings, and near the top, turn on this switch:


Change the origin to be the rear-right to match the machine and that should be all you need to do. LightBurn will translate anything you do through the user interface into the correct negative coordinates for the machine. Be aware that any commands typed in the console will NOT do this, so position the machine using the UI, not the console.

I had changed the CNC toggle, but never saw the Origin right next to it.
Then the Working Size will be the workspace dimensions, less the distance from the Spindle to the Laser Beam for the side mount laser. (?)

The docs say this?
" Negative Coordinate Machines:email:

LightBurn expects positive workspace coordinates. If your machine is configured to use negative workspace coordinates, you can set a workspace offset to enable compatibility with LightBurn. If you are switching between LightBurn and CNC software that expects a negative coordinate system, you can clear the workspace offset. You can also set macros to toggle between the two modes.

Set A Workspace Offset:email:

In the console, enter G10 L2 P1 X-WIDTH Y-HEIGHT and hit Enter. Replace WIDTH and HEIGHT with the actual X and Y travel distances of your machine. Set your machine to use workspace coordinates with the $10=0 command.

Example: G10 L2 P1 X-310 Y-180 Enter"


You should not need to specify a workspace offset if using the CNC option. This option is brand new, so the docs haven’t caught up yet.

We do not have a way to account for the side-mounted laser.

But my thought process is correct I’d think as to not run the laser into the side rails of the machine?

If the laser is mounted to the left or the front of the spindle, you could just make the X or Y axis size in LightBurn’s device settings shorter to account for that, and the software would prevent work from going outside that working area.

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Thank you for affirming my thinking on this.
You sir are the GREATEST!

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