Lightburn Stops Randomly Communicating With Serial Port During Print

I can not explain how or why but I keep having an issue with Lightburn where it randomly just stops sending my Snapmaker gcode via the serial after awhile. The port should not be falling asleep as communication seems fine and there is no disconnect message from Lightburn. The only way to get it to send gcode again is I just stop my current print and then start it up again. It as simple as that with no need to touch anything else, its just annoying to have to position it to start where I left off. Oh and when this happens the laser stays on in one place typically which could obviously have bad consequences.

You are not the only one, I have the same issue on my Snapmaker v2.0 A350!

Same issue with my MiniGRBL board, replaced all cables and re-routed data cables with same issue. This also happens randomly so I cannot find a pattern except for when it happens I just do a reset, re-home and then it does not happen again on that run. (USB sleep also disabled on all USB ports)
Running Windows 10 with latest LightBurn

So I started using a different software for me to be able to serial remotely to the Snapmaker 2.0. (I do serial over ethernet to a Rasberry Pi to be clear) and since then I no longer have had this issue due to being able to use “buffered” for the serial connection. Before buffered instantly crashed the Snapmaker connection and so therefore I had to use Synchronous mode. So if you guys are also using Synchronus I wonder if that could be cause.

I however found a different problem which I cant tell if this is due to Snapmaker itself or Lightburn. But when I pause a print and go to physically check out my printer, if I open my enclosure at all while its paused it instantly disconnects, then reconnects and I loose my progress. I wonder if this is due to Lightburn expecting certain output from the console and because Snapmaker with its enclosure sends “door closed!” and “door opened!” messages it then thinks something didnt work correctly and kills the serial connection…

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