LightBurn sudden closure

Last night I turned on the laser to make a quick foam insert for a box. So I opened LB, designed my shapes (saved my file) and then opened the camera dropdown and LB just disappeared. I reopened it, picked the camera and boom, it disappeared again. Very odd behavior that I had not seen before.

I suspected it may be due to low memory on my Windows 10 computer. I had just opened about 10 browser tabs in Chrome which is a notorious memory hog. So I closed a bunch of tabs in Chrome and reopened LB, This time I was able to select my camera but when I clicked the Update Overlay button LB vanished.

So I completely closed Chrome and then LB worked perfectly again.

So the issue appears to be related to a low memory condition. My question is can LB check to see if it has enough memory to run when it is opening and provide the user a warning if memory is to low? If I had not saved my file before trying to open the camera I would have lost work.

I also saw that if LB unexpectedly closes after a file has been saved. The file will not appear in the recent file list when you reopen LB.

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