Lightburn suddenly gone haywire

I have been engraving caricatures on 3mm plywood.
I have been engraving caricatures on 3mm plywood. The file looks great on the work pane but in preview it is totally black. Can’t figure out what I have done wrong. When engraved it is completely washed out.

Can any of you experts steer me into the right direction?
Many thanks, Barry.

I think, ate least, you have to select “shade according power”

Then preview shows axis movements and simulates laser burning.
This does not show the finish result, that came with power and speed setings but I belive you know that! :wink: :+1:

Thanks very much for your rapid reply. I am very new to this. got it thanks. I can now see my preview.

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Obviously there is another problem! I can see my preview.

But the actual result is very different.

I must have “clicked” something I shouldn’t have but I just can’t find it. I have done many of these but suddenly………….

Any help massively appreciated.

This is normal for the preview window. Please zoom in until you see individual dots.

Perhaps for a grayscale image, it depends on how the image is set up. Also, this only changes the preview behavior:

@Avenuewood - This is an excellent place to start:

Hey guys,
I have cracked it…… don’t know how I did it but all my files were in “greyscale”. Changed them all to Jarvis and away I go.
Thanks for all you suggestions.


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