Lightburn suddenly not working on Y Axis - laser still works with Creative Space software though

We have been using the Xtool D1 with Lightburn software for just over a year without any problems.

Yesterday it engraved one job without a problem, the next job was loaded and although the x axis moved as normal the y axis was non responsive. We rebooted the computer and restarted the xtool, but same problem.

Thinking a cable to the y stepper may have come unplugged, this was checked and found to be ok.

Loaded xtool creative space software, updated the firmware and it successfully engraved a simple job, both x & y axis working as expected.

I updated to the latest version of Lightburn software 1.4.01 and tried to connect with no result.

Have attached a photo of the screen which shows it is ready but no data in the console window.

As much as possible I have checked power supply and USB cable and cannot resolve this problem.

I am running the software on a HP probook4720s with the latest update of windows 10 and up until now it has run without any problems.

Do you have any possible solutions you could suggest I check?

Appreciate any help you could provide

Do jogging controls in Move window work correctly? Are you able to use up/down buttons?

Is there any information in Console when this occurs?

What is the behavior during framing?

Please make a simple rectangle in LightBurn and have it ready to burn, then File->Save gcode, save with .txt extension, and upload here.

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