LightBurn - suddenly stops

Hi all
I’m running Lightburn on a laptop installed with Ubuntu 22.04.
I’ve been running without a hitch for some months now. Today I have 2 failed jobs.
The laser fortunately goes off and the machine stops moving.
After the first failure I rebooted the whole machine and had a couple of jobs run fine. But it has happened again. this time I just closed Lightburn and reopened it and I have regained control of the laser.
Any ideas on how I should go about troubleshooting this?
I’m not aware of any updates happening.
Any feedback greatly received

I’m having the same problem with windows 10, sometimes the laser just stops, LB stop/pause buttons do nothing, as far as it’s concerned it’s still streaming. Other times it carries on moving with the laser off then a random distance later switches the laser on again.

LB: 1.3.01
Laser: TTS-55

I’ve swapped out the laptop and all was great for a while then the controller stopped turning off the laser, which resulted in an effect I had not imagined but was pretty impressive.
I’ve now changed out the controller too from Marlin to GRBL so my machine is considerably different.
It may be worth closing this topic.
For the record - I’m blaming the laptop for the failure with an Arduino Mega2560 and Ramps 1.4 being just about to die as a secondary culprit.