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Hello All,
New user here,
Have eye issues and the text with LightBurn Menus and UI is very faint, straining to even being able to use. Does LightBurn have any themes that would help or settings being overlooked?
. I was able to increase Icon and some Text size it helps but even with that it is straining to see.

Thank you

The text looks far better here then actual since it is substantially larger.

You may want to experiment with Windows Display setting for scaling. What is yours set to now?

If you need you can adjust scaling on a per application basis as well.

It’s at 175 right now, changed to 200 to test and it did not seem to effect LightBurn font.

Thank you for the help


What’s your display resolution?

Can you take screenshots at both settings? I’d like to understand how it’s affecting the overall UI.

Please take full screenshots of Lightburn.


OOPs the 1st was at 200, this is @175

So looks like widgets and titlebar font was changed but not the in-app font size.

What is your current font size setting in LightBurn? Can you go any larger?

You may want to explore different application specific settings. I have mine set to have scaling defined by “Application”. You may want to experiment with variations of this to see if you can get a look you’re okay with.

Take a look:

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Every font in LightBurn is maxed but I will look into the settings you show.
Thank you for your help.


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