Lightburn tracing a line that isn't 'there'

So I’ve created a text effect in Inkscape, saved as an svg, and a shape I drew as part of it having zero stroke has appeared, and as such I don’t want it cut out.
Any suggestions please?

You can’t just remove the unwanted shape?

It’s a merged item so in theory the shape shouldn;t be there.
However I’ve figured that if I do a screenshot of the Inkscape view, save it as a jpeg, import back into Inkscape, trace Bitmap, then save as svg all is good!

I have also tried a bit but have not found a solution. In return, I found out that I do not have the ability to stretch an object asymmetrically in LightBurn, it surprised me, or have I overlooked something? Today is the first time I want to use “the feature” and simulate it with “incoming !!” and could not stretch the object.

Correct. LightBurn does not currently provide shape ‘Free-form Transformation’ tools in the way you are thinking, allowing you to distort shapes freely. Skew, Warp, Wrap, Slant and other such tools providing the distortion or change of perspective would require external tools at this point.

That’s a very clunky method. Ungroup then node edit would remove the unwanted lines.

Rick, when I have not used this (non-existent) feature for over 2 years, it has not been a problem either. Should I use it again in 2 years, I just skip to Inkscape to draw the two lines and take “home” again. :laughing:

Try the Extensions>Modify Path>Perspective and you will see what I mean.

In what? Inkscape? Not if I don’t have to.

Going from a vector to a bitmap, importing it and converting it back to a vector vs a node edit - not for me.

coward :rofl:

No, smart.

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