Lightburn UI not showing full dimensions

I am unable to read the full dimension text in Lightburn. I have Lightburn installed on both a desktop and a laptop. The desktop display is fine but the laptop display only shows the last 4 digits in the dimension box.

Any ideas on a fix?
I just installed the most recent update.

In Edit/Settings, you should be able to fix it with these:

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Thanks for the reply Steve, I have played with those settings and they do not fix the size display problem. The number of characters stays at 4, it is cutting it off at the decimal. I have also tried changing the display text size in windows, to no avail. It was fine about a week ago. The laptop it is running on has Windows 11 while the desktop it runs fine on has Windows 10.

I’d e-mail support. I know that Oz has posted a tip on here dealing with Screen scaling in Windows, to resolve this issue, but I can’t find it at the moment.

What is your screen resolution?

Please specify what your LightBurn font selection is and the font size from Edit/Settings/File Settings:

Please specify what your LightBurn Toolbar Icon Size is along with its Font Size from Edit/Settings/Display and Units:

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