Lightburn update craziness

I got Lightburn trial a few days ago. I got the update and at first the laser wouldn’t pick up the com3. restarted the computer and now my laser wants to work in the top right corner of my grid and no where else. Anyone know what’s going on? Windows 10 with a Yora 6550 laser

How much of the documentation have you read regarding setting up your laser?

I suspect ‘none at all’

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followed the documentation to a “T” the it was working fine until today

In that case, can’t help you. I’ve found the documentation covers anything I would tell you to try.

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ok, tried a new picture there may have been an issue with the picture I was using. How do I find all the windows that allow me to frame, start the laser and all that stuff it is gone form lightburn now and not sure why?

Never mind I just found it

If the Yora doesn’t have homing switches, you may need to home it manually by moving it to the front-left and power cycling it.
See here: Common Grbl Setups - LightBurn Software Documentation

It’s also worth reviewing how the different Start From modes work here: Coordinates and Job Origin - LightBurn Software Documentation

There’s a good amount of confusion about how those work - Absolute Coords with a homed machine is simplest, but read how the others work as well, and that may help you.

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