Lightburn update v1.2.04

Lightburn indicates that i should update to version V1.2.04. I currently have version V1.0.06 which is from a recent purchase. After downloading and attempting to install the update i get a popup that says “You are installing 32bit Lightburn on a 64 bit system which may have limitations due to available memory. We recommend the 64 bit install. Do you wish to continue installing” This is on a Windows 10 laptop. Is there a 64 bit install available or can i just proceed with the 32 bit install? Please advise and thank you

Yes, you can download directly from our Download & Trial page here:

So I downloaded the Linux version and I have to stay at 1.2.0 because the new version wants glibc-2.29 and my distribution (Mint Tricia) has 2.27… Just saying. Mabe I’ll consider system upgrade.

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