Lightburn upgrade being stopped by anitvirus software

I tried upgrading to the latest version of Lightburn this morning and the upgrade was stopped by my anti-virus software with the following error:

An error occurred while trying to replace the existing file: DeleteFile failed; code 5.
Access is denied.

I’m running Norton 365 and I’ve never encountered any issues when upgrading previous versions of Lightburn.


DeleteFile failed usually means you’re still running LightBurn.

No, Lightburn and all other apps and programs are closed.

Error message on installing lightburn

Screen capture of error message and this is after disabling my anit-virus software.

Just uninstall the version of LightBurn you’ve got, then install the new one. That file is a PDF - you might have it open in a browser somewhere, and you can also just tell it to skip that file, since it hasn’t changed in a long time.

Will completely uninstalling remove my libraries? Or will those components stay and integrate with the new installation?

It may be easier just to reboot and run the update. This will kill and process that’s holding a lock on the file.

Uninstalling does not touch any of your settings, libraries, etc. It’s done this way to make updating to new versions easier.

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Thank you Oz and PY. I rebooted and reinstalled and that removed the error and I also found the PDF doc where it was supposed to be. I believe the problem is as you suggested, it was locked by another program, namely Adobe Acrobat.
Thanks to all for the help.
Love the software, and all the hard work you do to make it work and listen to our suggestions.
Keep up the great work.


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