Lightburn v Inkscape

Inkscape has been my design software of choice for quite a few years. It works well, does what I need it to do and is also free. Over the last few weeks though I have hardly used it and have been using Lightburn more and more to either design stuff or trace designs ready to send to the laser. Latest thing designed on Lightburn was a clock. However the machine I use to cut out the clocks, doesn’t have a Rudia Controller, but its simple to export the design as a .dxf and then import it into Powercut which runs the laser.

I have also been using Lighturn with my fiber laser, I engrave a lot of silver jewelry for a commercial customer and this includes hand prints and own writing. It’s so easy to copy an image from the email I receive, paste it into Lightburn, trace it with a couple of clicks and export it and import it straight into EZcad.

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