LIghtBurn V0.9.20 on MacOS Big Sur cannot import/open lbdev or lbset files

Hi there, subject mostly tells you what I’m running into. New to LightBurn and trying to get it set up with my Neje Master 2S Plus.

Running LightBurn on my MBP, it will not import from an lbset file.

I’ve managed to install LightBurn on my ancient Windows 7 netbook, and it’s unusably slow overall, but it will import from the same lbset file without a problem.

Am I missing something obvious here? Is this a known issue? Can I assume I’m doing something wrong?


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Can you elaborate on “cannot open”?

  • Do they not appear in the dialog when trying to open?
  • Do they appear but not allow you to select them?
  • Do they let you select, but then just not open?

Be as specific as you can - I haven’t heard of this issue before.

One thing that might be the issue - Windows is not case sensitive with filenames, but MacOS is. If the files were saved with upper-case extensions instead of lower case, that could case problems on the Mac.

Sorry, should have been more specific:

I can see the files in the dialog when trying to open them, but cannot select them. They are greyed out.

I’ve checked the file extension, and it’s all lowercase. Just in case, I’ve also gone into the file info and selected LightBurn as the application that should open these files, but that hasn’t made any difference.

Just now, I double-clicked on the files to see what happened, and I got the message:

LightBurn doesn’t recognize the extension lbdev in filename: /blah/blah/blah/NejeMaster2DeviceProfile.lbdev

Same sort of message for the lbset file I’ve got. So it seems like it might have something to do with the file extension?

Double-clicking them doesn’t work, because LightBurn only handles lbrn project files or other artwork files as command line / launch arguments.

I’m not sure why the lbdev and lbset files aren’t working. I’ll have to try it and see if I can reproduce here.

Are you just trying to open or import these files? That won’t work.

LBSET files are machine settings files, so you have to go to Edit > Machine Settings first, then load from there to load an LBSET file.

LBDEV files are device profiles, so you have to click the Devices button, then click load from there to load an LBDEV file.

I was trying to import them, in the manner you described. As noted before, the same files imported no problem on the Windows machine. Trying to do the same thing in the same way in MacOS, can’t select the files (greyed out).

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I did not have this issue on my own Mac. I was using Mojave, not Big Sur, so it’s possible that is related.

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