Lightburn vector engrave settings

hi, i’m new to lightburn. Today I’ve tryed to make vector engraved text and result is that path isn’t closed. These two pictures are from lightburn.

Third one is from RDworks

Speed and power are same.
Can someone help ? Thanks!

Can you upload the .lbrn2 file here please? Can you make sure that it’s .lbrn2, not .lbrn as I suspect I won’t have the font that you used for this.

Here is project. Like there is some restriction for smaller objects
text.lbrn2 (60.0 KB)

Did you use the same Min/Max power in both LightBurn and RDWorks? I’m wondering if the power is getting too low during slowdown and the laser is dropping out. Perhaps try increasing min power.

What wattage is your laser? Your settings may be approaching the lower limit to energize the laser.

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That was the problem, my power in min speed were set to 0. Thank you the problem wer solved!

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