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I have a chinese red/grey 60w with ruida controller and changed some vendor settings in lightburn…so first question is if i changed settings in light burn will it automatically change to match paramaters in RD works or do RD Works parameters automatically get matched by Lightburn…

could you please write down where settings in RDworks go in lightburn because im not sure where they go because they have different names.

thank you very much in advance for your support and hopefully youre able to make sense of what i wrote…

Ruida controller have that configuration data stored in there internal non volatile memory, by the vendor for a specific machine setup. The Ruida doesn’t know who’s connected to it, so no, no information is sent to RDWorks or to Lightburn unless the user queries it like you did.

I don’t know of anything there used by either piece of software, so there’s no need to know. RDWorks is a little out of my scope.

For example you can tell your machine to run 60000 mm/sec but the Ruida has a speed limit, set by the vendor that it will not exceed.

This stuff is machine things like acceleration and maximum speeds. None of this is considered to be something that’s programmable while the machine is running.

And from the sounds of it you probably shouldn’t be in there at all.

The number one rule when you modify something on computers, is make a backup. No one can help you with vendor settings, except the vendor. They should be able to supply the data.

Someone may have a similar machine and be able to help.

If something isn’t working, maybe you should just ask… :slight_smile:

Good luck, take care.

Thank you for replying…
I made changes knowing I had backup but I misplaced the flashddrive ithat had all the parameters on it…
I was able to get RD vendor settings/parameters from manufacturer which is what’s on the pictures I attached to this post…

bottom line is I did manage to input RD parameters to machine but they do not match lightburn vendor settings…

what I would like assistance with is interpreting which RD settings go to where in lightburn…If you can look at the pictures RD has different names of parameters and settings than lightburn…

My machine is somewhat operational (2 days ago it wouldn’t even power up correctly)
and there seems to be conflict between RD and LB because X axis and Yaxis vendor settings aren’t matching up…
please look again at pictures and I think you’ll see what I’m asking for help with…

Im just masking for help and not looking for someone to pin the blame on if this doesn’t work…I’m already held accountable for that👍

Thank you for your time and patience I appreciate it…

For the ones that aren’t named the same:

RDWorks LightBurn
Breadth Max Travel
Enalbe HOME Enable Homing
Keying - invert direction Invert Keypad Direction
Enable limit trigger Limit Trigger
Max Acc Max Acceleration
E-Stop Acc E-Stop Acceleration

Apparently I missed “Control Mode” in LightBurn, or perhaps just skipped it because it’s unlikely that anyone is using ‘Dual-PWM’ motors.

Their translations seem a bit off. One is using ‘Acres’ for ‘Area.’ One of my control boards had the limit switches erroneously marked x, y ,z and were actually z, y, x. right to left…

In the end, their English is much better than my Chinese :slight_smile:

All these items you’re messing with, is there a problem? I don’t think Lightburn or RDWorks actually reads these things and uses them. Some have passwords, at least from the console. If you’re just trying to get it up again, I understand.

Good luck, take care

ROFL… well, an acre IS a unit of area. And acre has 3 out of 4 of the same letters as area.
So that actually makes better than average sense for most chinglish. :slight_smile:

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