Lightburn Ver 09.19 Communication Problem?

When I create and try to run a project, often times, when I press frame, nothing happens and when I try to hit start it displays a message.
“Laser appears to be paused or busy”
Any suggestions? I thought it might be the UISB cable but even with new cable it does this.

Are you connected to the machine? Right-click the ‘Devices’ button to retry the initial connection. Normally you would power the laser, then run LightBurn, and you’ll see 'Found RDC644xG" or similar on the bottom of the main window. If you right-click the Devices button, you’ll see that too.

It can also be caused if the laser is actually busy, displaying an error, etc.

It seems to happen when changing jobs. I replaced the USB cable and it gives all the signs of being connected except it displays the laser is busy or paused when I try to send a file to the laser.
I read there is a patch for Ver 09.19 that deals with this type of issue. how do I go about getting that
patch and installing it?

That patch wasn’t for Ruida controllers, so it wouldn’t affect you.

What do you mean by “when changing jobs”? Generally speaking if the laser is powered up first, then you run LightBurn, you’ll see the ‘Found RDC644xG’ message on the bottom of the display and that’s it. If you don’t see that, right-click on the ‘Devices’ button to re-attempt the initial connection. Once you’re connected it should stay that way.

Running a second copy of LightBurn on the same machine is a common stumbling block - only the first running version can talk to the laser, so if by “changing jobs” you mean running another copy of the software and trying to use that one to send the job, that would be why it’s failing. You’d have to quit the first instance then do the right-click connect trick to connect the second one.

My original version was Ver 0.9.14 that through time has been updated to Ver 09.19. Even if I close everything out the computer is not finding the laser. I have a feeling it may be the USB on the machine. Tomorrow I plan to run and find a replacement and double check.
FYI, this is also a problem with RDWorks. If I bring bring it up it cannot find the laser.
This is what leads me to believe it may be the cable or possibly the controller. I HOPE it turns out to be the cable.

It can also be the short extension that connects the controller box within the machine to the USB plug on the outside. If you connect directly to the controller itself, bypassing the extension, sometimes that works too.

Turns out that extension was the issue. I am removing that “extension” from the system all together and have a cable that goes from computer to the controller with no other connections in the middle.
Thanks for all the help.

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