Lightburn verbindet sich nicht mit Vigo lg7x (Lightburn won't connect to Vigo lg7x)

Guten Tag Lightburn verbindet sich nicht mit Vigo lg7x obwohl der USBport passt die Bautrate und alle anderen Einstellungen. Mit LaserGRBL funktioniert alles, abers ich möcht meinen Laser mit Lightburn betreiben. Könnt ihr mir helfen Danke.

Hello Lightburn does not connect to Vigo lg7x although the USB port matches the baud rate and all other settings. Everything works with LaserGRBL, but I want to run my laser with Lightburn. can you help me thanks

I often have to select a different com port in the ‘Laser’ window.

Start LightBurn with the engraver attached.
Open the ‘Console’ window to see if the controller has anything to say.

If you see nothing or ‘Waiting to Connect’ - select the ‘Laser’ window - select another com port (bottom middle of window) and wait 2-3 seconds to see if anything changes in the ‘Console’ window.

If you have a USB port on your computer that is yellow it means that the port will always be powered even if the computer is asleep. if you plug your device into the yellow plug - your device may be ready to communicate when LightBurn starts and it may find it easier.

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