LightBurn version 0.9.20

Hi, I upgrade today version 0.9.19 to 0.9.20 and after that Ortur LM2 burn only one second then stops? Nothing else changed. What happend?

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  • Do you see any errors in the console?
  • Any other details you can provide? (does LightBurn still think it’s running?)

Hi, I’m also using Ortur LM2 also and have not encountered this issue.

I get fix this to change USB cable, connect to other USB port. Reboot PC and LM2. DowngradeLB version 0.9.19 then it works again.

After I downloaded 9.20 I noticed that the pink layer which I think is number eight has a built-in one second delay. To fix it you have to go into the advanced section to disable that one second delay.
I’ve also noticed that some of my library settings are not coming in like they used to.

not with me, I have checked a handful of layers, everything is ok.
(Mac OS, BS 11.2 and the latest version of LB from tonight)
I think you brought your layer setting from one earlier other project

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