LightBurn vs 1 touch

***Proof (IMO) ***
That LightBurn is as good or Better than scripts or 1 Touch Software

SO I downloaded 1 touch free trial

Been playing with it for couple days

$375 CA to buy

All Done on white tile My Method

same speed same power

1 st photo 1 Touch with LightBurn

2cd Photo processed with Paintshop pro… LifghtBurn Stucki Dither

3rd Photo All done with LightBurn under shape properties and Jarvis dither

Time involved 1 touch 1 minute

The others approx 2 minutes

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I like 3 the best then 1 and 2 last

3, 2, 1

All good though

#1 will cost you $250 us ,

All good but i think i will stick with lightburn. :grinning:

The last two are the best in my eyes, it “feels” like the No. 2 picture is a little more fine-grained but both are extremely well done.

#3 looks best to me.
#1 looks good but in comparison to #3 it looks sort of washed out.

#2 looks too blown out on the contrast to me.

100% of my vote goes with photo 3 (decided before I read the details to not have bias). Glad to see it was Lightburn!