Lightburn vs creality cr10 s5


I have a creality cr10 s5 with little laser diode it come with. Too small but befor head laser upgrade for a bigger one, I want to know how to control my creality with lighburn. My first problem is I don’t know my software… in my documentation or control box itself I see nowhere the information :(… second one in youtube we don’t have a lot information between LB and CR10. For a beginer it’s hard to understant worst if you are french :confused:

Thanks for you help


You connect the printer/laser to LightBurn by creating a device:

Either by ‘find my laser’ or ‘connect manually’.

Once you have connected, anything you create in Lightburn can be sent to the printer.

Have you read any of the documentation or watched any of the many videos available showing you how to connect and use a machine with LightBurn?

If it’s running Marlin firmware you will need to create the device profile manually. I don’t have a CR10 - it’s honestly not possible for me to own every possible laser LightBurn could work with - but it does work with Marlin devices, depending on whether the firmware is current, and how the laser is connected.

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