Lightburn was choking today on a large raster file

I’ve begun the transition from RDWorks and BossLaser’s software for my two lasers, and toward LightBurn. I’ve been having some issues.

Today I was trying to send a job that included vectors, some small raster files, and one large (8MB) raster file to our Boss HP3655. Working with the software was just fine, but when I tried to send the file to the machine, it choked on it every time. I tried converting the original raster to different formats and reimporting it several times in case it happened to be a file format or corrupted file issue, but that didn’t help. When I sent the file over wi-fi, it would chug along for a bit, but every time it would eventually tell me that the file transfer failed. So I tried saving a UD5 job file to a USB drive, but when I inserted it into the USB port of my Boss, it did not see the file. I tested removing the large raster file from the job, and it sent to the laser easily, but since I needed that file for a client’s job, that only served to isolate the problem, not solve it. I eventually exported my LightBurn file as .ai and imported that into my Boss software, then recreated the parts that wouldn’t import. I was safely able to send my file to the laser from the Boss software.

My understanding from others in my maker space who have advocated LightBurn is that they have sent raster files that were larger than mine with no problem, in many different file formats. I can’t figure out what might have been wrong, but I can tell you that it made for a very frustrating afternoon.

The AWC support in LightBurn is relatively new, and a number of issues have been fixed between the released version that you have and the one coming. Send me a PM - I can give you a stable version of what’s coming, as I’d like to see if this is resolved, or still something I need to address. You wouldn’t need to re-run the job, just send it to the machine again.

Brand new to this forum (within last ten minutes). Can’t figure out how to PM you.

I keep forgetting this isn’t FB, and I can just message you directly as LightBurn. I’ve sent you a PM.

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Im having the same kind of issue with a 2MB file. Lightburn shows it being sent to the machine but the file is not there when I try to load it. Ideas?

Scott - you have a Ruida, not a Trocen, so your issue will be unrelated. Is your controller full of files? Ruida transfers are usually quite robust - how are you connected to the machine?

Ive cleared out some files before the transfer. And I did get the file into the machine via a USB stick. My computer is connected directly to the machine

Networked/WiFi or USB?

Sorry yes im using a USB cable