Lightburn Website Checkout

I need a quick solution. I upgraded to an Omtech laser and I am trying to upgrade my lightburn licensure to support DSP. However, on the website I add the $60 upgrade DSP Support and enter my license key. I then hit the checkout button which takes me back to Lightburn’s home page…not sure if the “checkout” link is broken or what. My business is currently shutdown until I can get my licensure upgraded to support this laser. HELP PLEASE

FIXED!!! I had to add something else to my cart first and then add the upgraded DSP license. Then click CHECKOUT and then remove the first thing I added…so ridiculous.

Thank you for reporting and drawing our attention to this matter. Yes we are aware of an issue with Shopify, the commerce service we use for our store. They reported some anomalies happening earlier today which have now been resolved. Apologies for the inconvenience, the behavior you observed is not what you should expect moving forward.