Lightburn welded

how do i get this welded button green??


I suspect your question doesn’t match what you’re trying to achieve.

To get the button green type some text and make sure that toggle is enabled.

That doesn’t solve the implied question from the screenshot.

I assume you’re asking how to weld the name to the solid part of the paw shape. If so, then fundamentally you’d approach it like this:

  1. make sure the name part itself is welded and touching itself. The ‘L’ here looks like it may not be connected to the ‘i’.
  2. the dot in the ‘i’ looks like it will be floating in air in the current design and so will be lost.
  3. once you have the name sorted then position the name so that the ends overlap with the solid part of the paw
  4. there are a few ways to do the next steps but the most straightforward is to group the entirely the entirety of the paw into a single object
  5. select grouped paw, add name to selection (assumed to be a single object), Tools->Boolean Union

thank,with SVG file no succes ,with .AI file welded good

This will help you with what you’re trying to do:

Thanks ,That Help, Thanks

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