Lightburn went factory settings

when I opened lightburn today it acted like first setup. I had to re connect my laser and have to recalibrate camera. not a huge deal but quite the inconvenience. it didn’t even have my saved profiles for easy camera setup. has this been experienced my any others? should I plan on this being a reoccurring situation?

Not that we are aware of, yet this might not be of comfort. What can you share to help us ‘see’ what happened? What hardware do you have, running which OS and version? How did you close or quit LightBurn? Did you get any messages presented or notice anything unusual when you last used LightBurn?

Basically, any information you can think of that might assist us, trying to reproduce here. :slight_smile:

running windows and foxaliens le4040 5w laser. I always save. turn off laser then lightburn when done. it’s all I used computer for. no other software on it. last burn ran before this happening was 2 days ago. system was full off so no updates came through.

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