Lightburn Wi-Fi Bridge with Raspberry Pi 3b+ (USB Question)

Plugged into monitor and keyboard for setup.

Interesting - just tried loading the image fresh a couple times and sometimes SSH works and others it does not. sshd fails to load saying “Could not load host key”
Wonder if something with the way I’m building that image is corrupting those host keys… I’m going to give a shot flashing the non-shrunk image (I use pishrink to decrease the size of the image we provide) and see if that works reliably.

@tonyn79 What model Pi are you using?

Yep - that seems to be it. pishrink is somehow mucking with the ssh keys. Will get that fixed.

@adammhaile I have it running on a rpi4 4gb.

Mine is too but it only shows the status page on the monitor.

Mine is a 3B

Strange, only thing I did from a fresh load was adding the ssh file. Mine booted to terminal.

RC2 booted to terminal. RC3 boots to a “dashboard”.
@BlomsD - just Ctrl+C at that dashboard and it’ll go away, bringing you back to the console.

Thanks. I will try that very soon.

EDIT: CTRL-C worked great. Got to the terminal and then ran:

$ sudo rm -r /etc/ssh/ssh*key
$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure openssh-server

now I have SSH access. Now I can begin messing with the camera until your real solution comes around.

Wow, that’s a serious bonus - I hope it all goes well!! I use multiple Rasberry PI’s to interface with my printers over WiFi and they are indespensible. To have this connection to the camera and laser would be very awesome! Right now I had to move and dedicate a laptop to my laser cutter so I could use my lightburn camera (which is a HUGE game changer by the way).

Is there somewhere we could sign up for alerts on the progress of the camera over Rasberry PI?


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EDIT: On second thought, this does not work yet. I can run VirtualHere on the bridge but when I send commands via the bridge it drops VirtualHere. It can come back but it alternates back and forth which part is working.

This is definitely not as smooth as the integration that you all are coming up with but this is still pretty cool. I was able to get my Lightburn Camera to come across the network from the pi. I tried to use usbip as built in to linux but couldn’t get the windows client to work (youtube video above). So I switched to VirtualHere. You can use one device for free. Here is the tutorial I generally followed but my version is below. How To Share USB Devices Over Network with VirtualHERE on Raspberry Pi - YouTube

Here is how I set it up.

  1. Remote in to the raspberry pi (or run the commands from the pi itself)
  2. If the dashboard is displayed press CTRL-C to break out of it to get to the command prompt.
  3. Download virtual here for the Raspberry Pi
  4. Set it to be executable:
    chmod +x vhusbdarm
  5. To get it to auto-run edit:
    sudo nano /etc/rc.local
  6. dd a line after fi and before exit which has the local of your file and with a -b for silent running. Mine was:
    /home/pi/vhusbdarm -b
  7. Write the file (CTRL O) then exit CTRL X
  8. Reboot the pi with:
    sudo reboot

Now on your windows or mac machine download and install the client: VirtualHere USB Client | VirtualHere
Run the client and it should see your VirtualHere client. Right click on the device and click Use This Device (or if this will always be the device then click Auto-Use Device). If you haven’t installed the camera on the computer it will install the drivers.

The camera should now be visible in Lightburn. I’ve noticed a little lag in the process but to get the trace and do alignment it seems to work okay.

@BlomsD @tonyn79 fixed out the ssh thing. PiShrink was screwing up the host keys. Next RC image will be fixed.

Nice, I will be sure to get the next update. A little off topic, any word on head mounted camera options?

It’s partially done, but I’ve been putting out non-stop fires since the Mac communication issues started (among other things) and haven’t had a chance to get back to it. It’s “functional” but needs a bunch of UI cleanup and tweaking.

I’m eagerly following this thread as being able to stream the webcam over the Lightburn Bridge pi would be amazing! It will make it easier to position the laser and means it can become completely untethered from the computer. I’m happy to test any dev builds with my Logitech webcam if that’s helpful.

btw, is light burn bridge open source, or even “source available”? I could only find a download link for the image which is fine, but it would be nice to see how it works if it’s available. :slight_smile:

I’m not planning on making the source code available, as it’s quite tightly coupled with how LightBurn communicates with the device itself, and that’s encroaching on our “Secret Sauce”. We also don’t want people modding it, because inevitably someone would ask why it’s not working, and I’d end up debugging their code. Debugging my own is bad enough … :slight_smile:

No problem, totally understand! I don’t want to seem like a pain, but do you have an updated ETA for when the camera streaming might be included out of the box in the LightBurn raspberry pi image? Cheers!

We do not provide release dates as this is software and things come up. We have a bunch of this work completed, but need to hook up all the UI and LightBurn side of things so, soon-ish. :slight_smile:

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This last couple weeks has been a fire hose for me - one of our main support folks is out sick, so I’m picking up the slack there, we’re training up a new shipping person and teaching him to use the lasers so he can start doing general support as well, and I’m still the lead developer. This is why we don’t give hard release dates. :slight_smile:

That said, it’s on the list for “near term” - I want to get back onto this soon, but I’m trying to sort out some bugs and communication issues on Mac first.

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Totally understand, thanks team! I’ll be sure to keep an eye out. :slightly_smiling_face:

I just want people to know we aren’t stalling intentionally or anything

We try really hard to prioritize existing customer support and bug fixing over new features, so things take longer than I wish they would, but when it’s your bug, you’ll be happy we do it this way. :slight_smile: