Lightburn will not connect to xtool f1

I have follwed all directions to use lightburn on my F1, but it will not connect.

Assuming it will not connecting at all, did you try with a ferrite core cable?

Which directions did you follow to connect your F1? Would you mind sharing links or the steps you followed? What do you see in the Console window in LightBurn?

Did you install the driver and the configuration file?
Driver: XCS Can't Find F1 Through USB - xTool Support Center
Configuration file: Operate xTool F1 with LightBurn on a Computer - xTool Support Center

The more information & screenshots you can provide, the quicker we’ll have you connected.

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Used the supplied usb cable. Also used the configuration file to set up the connection. When the start button is pressed the laser runs but in wrong direction and barely fires. The button doesn’t turn blue to show connected.