Lightburn will not find my laser

Hello, I am a complete amateur at this, and modern electrics/computing is something for younger people than me, so please bear with me!
I have just upgraded my laser to a more powerful one 5.5w, and exchanged the board to a Mana SE V3.2 , both bought from bangood. Software is installed, laser powers up, light come on to show connection to my PC via USB.
When I start Lightburn and go to use the auto detect laser, it just sits there and detects nothing.
Can anyone help/suggest something to help me get around this issue?
Thanks in advance!

Do you know what firmware is installed on the board? If it’s Benbox it would need to be re-flashed to use GRBL.

(sorry for the late response…I have been on night shifts!) As i said, I bought the laser from Bangood, so have no idea on the firmware…if I need to change it (given I specifically wanted a laser to use with Gcode/Lightburn which I have purchased) can you point me in the right direction? (or even is there a way to interrogate the the card to tell what firmware is on there?)

I know T2Laser includes a firmware update tool which works with those machines - it’s really just using AVRDude’s command-line hex uploader, but it runs the correct commands for you. You can download the free trial of T2Laser and use that to do the firmware update.

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