LightBurn will not open

I have an Macbook pro running big sur 11.6.2, suddenly Lightburn stops working.
I will not start up. I have removed the preference files, and tried earlier versions with no luck.
please help, if anyone know a solution.

What does this mean, exactly? What steps are you taking and what results are you observing? Help us “see” what you do using screen captures and more descriptive wording, and we can go from there. :slight_smile:

The program will not start. It does one bounce in the taskbar, then nothing.

I have an crash report, but it do not make any sense to me.

Oh, a crash report should be helpful to us. Please send that to us via email to, along with a link to this post for context. Additionally, describe what you were doing, in as much detail as possible, as we are going to try and reproduce the issue here. :slight_smile:

What version of LightBurn are you using and how are you connected to your laser?

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