Lightburn will not save device

When I connect to my Ruida c02 laser with lightburn it finds the device and connects but then when the config is completed the device does not appear in the list. has anyone seen this before?

Did you purchase a GCode license, or a DSP license? The latest versions of LightBurn will tell you if you don’t have the correct license type for the device, but versions older than 0.9.05 didn’t warn you of this.

Since your profile says XCarve I’m guessing that’s what is happening. You should 1) upgrade the software to the latest version, and 2) deactivate your license and then send me your trial ID so I can extend it. This will let you test the Ruida controller so you can decide if you’d like to purchase the DSP upgrade. (you pay the $40 price difference between the two versions, and your XCarve machine will still work fine with the upgraded license)

Ok thanks will do.

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