Lightburn Window Size & Location

Just wondering if Lightburn should be remembering the size & location of the program window when closed ?

Every time I launch Lightburn, it opens in a default size / location and I have to move it and resize it again to suit my monitor space and other open windows.

I’m using Windows 10 and this has been an issue on all versions of Lightburn …
This is not a major problem, but would be nice for the program to just open up in the same place where I left it last time … lol

The only time we’ve seen it do this is if there isn’t enough room for the display layout chosen. Check to see if that’s a possibility here - giveaway is the tabs for the laser / Cuts&Layers / etc windows being scrunched up.

Nope, nothing is scrunched up.
I am using a 2k 27 inch display and have resized the Lightburn window to fit neatly on the left half of my display. But every time I close Lightburn and come back to it at a later time it has reset to the default middle of the screen as a rectangular window.

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