Lightburn with AWC 7824k

Hi there,
Massive newbie! Is it possible to use lightburn on my Signstech 300 x 1000 laser.
Has the trocen AWC 7824K controller,
I downloaded a driver from Trocen and got my computer talking to the laser but when i try to hit laser. It comes up saying ’ System Locked’

Anyhelp appreciated!!!

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I think you need some external help here…

Maybe @Rick knows what a solution may be.

I’ll admit I’m clueless…


I am not familiar with this control unit. Digging around the net, I am not finding documentation for this exact controller. I did find a manual for the 78xx series, but no clue if this is what you are after. :man_shrugging: :wink:

3.5.1 Lock screen, unlock screen - Processing Time Display Area; Status Display Area; Lock Screen, Unlock Screen - Trocen AWC78 Series User Manual [Page 41] | ManualsLib


You may need to load LaserCad, the Trocen software, to check this behavior.

Just to confirm, are you saying you can connect and have LightBurn drive the motion / move the laser head around? Can you read the controller values with LightBurn? You can check from the ‘Device Settings’ - ‘Additional Settings’ page. Click ‘Read From Controller’ button and see if things get updated. ‘Machine Settings’ is another location to check reading from the controller.

Yes Rick, Ive got lightburn to talk to the laser and move the head etc.
My design comes up on the screen but system
I downloaded laserCAD and the same error ‘system locked’ comes up aswell when i push ’ START’.
Its a brand new laser, so must be user error, Ive never used one before.

Is this start on the machine console?

I’d ask the vendor for help with the supplied software… probably fix it for Lightburn also… sounds like something in the controller.

The vendor has probably seen this before.


Ah, thank you for this update. As @jkwilborn suggests, the fact that you are getting the same message without using LightBurn, leans toward there being an issue with the controller itself. I would reach back to the seller and request help, using their process for troubleshooting.

Please update us here as you progress.

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