Lightburn with EstlCAM Software/Firmware?

Has anyone had luck with Lightburn on EsltCAM firmware?

I have found that I constantly have to flash back and forth between GRBL and EstlCAM firmwares when switching from laser to router or back so I can use both software, effecting machine settings and possibly calibration? I like EsltCAM for the router, but want to use Lightburn for the laser. It is really inconvenient having to flash the controller so much.

I can’t imagine I am the first one to face this issue, but found no specific information other then “flash to GRBL”. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Why not use something like Easel or other GCode based router software?

Personal preference, cost, ease of use… this is why I chose EstlCAM over other CAM software I tried, and came to that just a single day after buying Lightburn. I saw that Lightburn was THE best software for my laser needs, but the way that EstlCAM works was very close to what I was used to in prior automation position. It was only after installing and using EstlCAM that I learned that the firmware was not likely going to work with Lightburn, and hence this post.

As far as I know, EsltCAM firmware is custom and undocumented, and I have no idea if it supports lasers properly (IE, if it has power ramping, non-stopping spindle speed changes, etc).

I guess I didn’t realize how different from GRBL that their firmware could be. Is it possible that there firmware could be added to your supported list in the future?

They don’t document the commands it accepts, and it appears to do a lot of pre-processing in their PC side app:

So it’s quite unlikely that LightBurn would even be able to support it.

I see, thank you for the quick and clear response. I’ll just keep switching between GRBL and EstlCAD firmware for now, and may try to organize my efforts in a way to reduce the number of changeovers.

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