Lightburn with SV300 on RDC6442G?

Does Lightburn work with the 6442G Ruida controller and the SV300 camera?
If so, how does it work, or if not, are there any plans for when?
I need a system that can read 4 corner points with markings.

Thank you, Yours sincerely

It works with the 6442x controller, but I believe their camera is not supported.

ok thanks for the information about the controller.
I need the camera as well

Investigation and work has begun to provide head-mounted CCD camera support, but this will take a while and can offer little detail as this is just the beginning of the effort. FYI, we are currently moving our HQ, bringing on new staff and a bunch of other goodies that come with growth, which will have an effect on this development. :slight_smile:

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