Lightburn With Ubuntu or a Linux OS On Raspberry PI 3 Or 4

I have both a Raspberry PI 3 and a 4. My question is, can I run Lightburn on a Linux OS, (if so, which one)? I would like to be able to hook it to my XTOOL D1 and run the laser on it. I can design in windows on my laptop and then put the file on the RPI and let the machine do it thing while I use my laptop for other things.
Another option may be to install Windows OS on the PI 4 and do it that way? I am not an expert with them but I could figure out I am sure. Any wisdom on this would be awesome. Thank you in advance.

LightBurn does indeed run on Linux but does not run on ARM chips natively. This basically rules Raspberry Pi out. I haven’t seen any serious attempt at running under x64 emulation but I could see it being theoretically possible.

I see. Maybe someone will see this and drop some knowledge on us about it. Thank you for the quick response.

If I remember correctly, the Lightburn people have stated that there is ‘other’ modules they use that have not been built on the ARM platform.

Unless these other vendors that Lightburn uses want to put the efforts forth for running on an ARM, it might be a while…


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