Lightburn without laser

I am currently using my licensed Lightburn software with a laser engraver. I am aware that my license is good for two installs.
Is it possible to use Lightburn, just for practice, on another laptop (not adjacent to my laser engraver) without connection to a laser?

Of course. Run the install, put your license key in and go. BUT, you will have to create a machine profile, as there are a lot of things in the LightBurn interface that require a machine profile to know what options to show or not. Just create a profile for the machine that you’re running on your other machine so the options match between your computers.


may be a good idea to export the device profile on the ‘working’ instance of lightburn and import it into the other computer so the device is identical. just in case you want to send from it. otherwise one may output differently than the other idf not set up identically (like scanning offsets, cam profile, etc…)


Super thank you!!

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