LightBurn won't open AI file, Post embedded script

Im downloading ai/vector/svg files from adobestock. Saves as ai file, when i try to open in lightburn i get pop up “this file is an embedded postscript file, and is not supported by LightBurn”. Didnt have this problem before so wondering how to fix. Thanks!

LightBurn cannot import EPS files irrespective of the file extension. Convert to standard AI, PDF, or SVG within Illustrator or other program before attempting to import.

Thank you are you aware of any free programs that do this?

Inkscape can be updated to do this on Windows.

See here for information on what’s required:

On Mac and Linux I believe this may work out of the box.

Outside of that there are many online conversion tools you could use. Search for EPS to SVG conversion or something similar.

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