Lightburn won't open win 10

Lightburn wouldn’t open on my win 10 pc - said it was a security issue. I uninstalled and reinstalled now I get this popup lightburn

That error usually indicates a permission problem. Try to right click on lightburn.exe and select “run as adminstrator” to see if that eliminates the error.

Now I get this errorlightburn2

Are you certain it’s Windows 10? (I know that’s a dumb question, and I apologize, but I have to start there)

Which version of LightBurn, and where did you download it from? It’s really unusual to see it in C:\LightBurn, because the installer doesn’t give you the option to change the install location - it goes into C:\Program Files\LightBurn

Yes it’s Win 10. I forced it to that location to test. Odd that I just booted my PC this morning and when I launched LB it asked if I would allow the software to make changes and when I said yes it opened. Must have been a Win update issue. I’ll keep you posted - thanks for your help.

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