LightBurn won't run under Ubuntu Desktop 21.10 and Ubuntu Server 20.04.4 LTS

The message I get when I try to start it is:

bash: ./AppRun: Kann die Binärdatei nicht ausführen: Fehler im Format der Programmdatei

same error when I start ./LightBurn

Are you trying to run this on Raspberry Pi? There is no Arm build of LightBurn at the moment. And while people have been able to get LightBurn to run on a number of different distributions it’s only officially supported on a couple of them. Don’t believe either of the ones you’ve listed are supported.

You are right, I want to run it on a Raspberry PI 4.
I have 2 3D Printers attached to it so i can work with my notebook without the need to keep it in my network.

Is there an idea to get sth. like RepetierServer e.g. LightBurnServer?

You could do your design work on LightBurn on a separate computer, save gcode, and then run that gcode from anything. So any gcode sender would work for this. UGS, Ocotprint, etc. You’ll need to sort out how you transfer the code to the Pi.

Thank you very much

I’ll try, when i manage to connect my LaserCutter to my PI

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