Lightburn work with glowforge

Does lightburn work with the glowforge?
I ordered one and waiting for it to arrive. I would have loved to get a boss laser but I live Hawaii and shipping kills you with heavy items! Glowforge hooked it up with cheap shipping.

No, I am sorry, they do not provide a way for LightBurn to support their gear.

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Thank you. now I gotta learn a new software.:face_with_head_bandage:

But… you live in Hawaii! Take your time… study the software manuals, watch the tutorials, snooze on the beach…

You can still design in Lightburn, and then export to a SVG file. The Glowforge cloud software separates shapes in SVG files by colors. So, you would want to do all of your internal cutouts in a different color than your perimeter cutouts. You would still want to make sure that your shapes are connected, and no overlapping lines and shapes.

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