Lightburn.... wow

I just wanted to say that Lightburn is absolutely hands-down the best CAD software value on the market.

I own several programs in the arena including Vectric Aspire (a VERY pricey option). Until I got Lightburn I used Aspire for all of my CAD work, but now all I ever use it for is the Scissors tool. If Lightburn had that and customizable hotkeys the only time I wouldn’t use it is if I had to work in three dimensions.

As a maker that uses design software for everything from laser work to vinyl cutting to custom motion systems - thank you!

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Thank you for your kind words. We are currently testing internally a ‘Trim’ and ‘Extend’ feature providing similar editing to the “Scissor” tool you mention, so you can look forward to that coming out soon.

Customizable hotkeys are out further.


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