Lightburn YouTube videos

I have an Ortur LM2P/LU2-4-SF
Being 77 years old and totally new to laser engravers and software I need all the help I can get.
One source I use are the Lightburn YouTube videos on the Lightburn channel on YouTube.They are very informative and helpful ,but,the man doing the videos moves around so fast (for me) it’s like trying to count bullets coming out of a machine gun!
Does anyone else agree with me?

I have the same problem with YT videos on other technical subjects. YouTube videos can be slowed down (or sped up) through the settings - the gear-shaped icon at the bottom of the video windows.

Yes I’ve slowed down the videos but the voice gets all distorted too! LOL
The man making these videos knows the subject very well and it’s easy to forget that some of the people you’re trying to help (like me) don’t know anything about the subject so in order to teach you have to slow down a bit.
Rich,The LA Hobby Guy covers a lot of Lightburn features but I like to hear it from “The Horses Mouth” so to speak.
Thanks for you interest and help.

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