LightBurn's Creative method of discouraging theft

Just when I thought I could not like LightBurn any better than I already do, I saw this on Facebook yesterday. Plus 10 points for finding new and creative ways to stop people from stealing software!

The guy posting wanted someone to tell him why his laser was printing this message, he got a lot of excellent answers (way more than he wanted).


Don’t know why people would need to steal it, it’s cheap enough :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


In this case, it seems it was purchased from AliExpress for $4. Some people don’t seem to realize that if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. We’ve attempted to get Ali to remove the illegal sellers, but their IP theft reporting system seems to be just for show.


That method is frickin genius. I’m in awe of that.


DSP version or Gcode?
Just trying to get the best deal here…

My limited experience suggests that software developers that die of starvation cease to develop cool new features that I might enjoy. And it’s not like Lightburn is prohibitively expensive, even for the casual hobbyist. Sometimes it’s depressing living in a world where humans suck so much…


This is great.

I shared it on a Wood Ship Modeling forum I frequent, where pirating of model ship kits is a big concern.

Legitimate kit developers spend thousands producing a model kit that may cost several hundred dollars retail.

The pirates, many in China, reverse engineer the kits, which is usually nothing more that copying the plans and producing a cheaper version of the kit, denying the original developer the fruits of their creativity.


… “cheap” sounds cheap, - reasonable, fine, affordable price - it sounds better to my ears :wink:

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That is exactly what i meant, thank you :grin:

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A program that I gladly bought and that I will renew, because for the price of two pizzas it allows me to create my things in an excellent way.


And capable of laser engraving model pizzas (and if you’re REALLY good, I bet you could find a way to create a job to cook the pizzas).



:jack_o_lantern: Engraving Pumpkins smells good, like pie fresh from the oven.


It would take hours, unless it was a very small pizza…

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Not to minimize the concern, but does anyone else find this as hilarious/ironic?/on-message as I do? Pirating model ships! I mean, c’mon! :pirate_flag:


You are spot on…

One of the most flagrant pirated ship kits is for the Black Pearl. Not only did they copy the plans of a licensed kit, they are not licensed by Disney…

If only the legitimate producer could find a way to make the rip-off spontaneously combust once it was placed on a mantle…

Shiver me timbers!


…( context checker doesn’t like this ,.)

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I am stumped. Lightburn such a great and easily affordable product. I am so happy to see these people have this result. He-he-he! Cheers to you, Lightburn, for doing this! I love to laugh and this is just another chuckle on a great day and a great week!


Maybe they need to change the message to a skull and crossbones! :skull_and_crossbones:


Unfortunately, a minority of people are the ones that cause a lot of grief to a vast majority. I just hope that will not have much impact as I am still looking forward to all new inventions that lb people will bring forward.

My laser will cut the Pizzas for you! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: